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Members of the Board of Director and Auditors

1. Members of the Board of Director and Auditors (As of July 1, 2019)

Position Name Position within affiliated company
Chairman of the Board Representative Director Tatsuya Tanaka Director, Chairman, FUJITSU LIMITED
Vice Chairman of the Board Hajime Ichimoto Board Director, Executive Operating Officer, Nippon Television Network Corporation
Vice Chairman of the Board Hozumi Tamura Executive Vice President, Executive General Manager of Network Division, General Manager of Network Department, NTT DOCOMO, INC.
Senior Managing Director Representative Director Fusaki Matsui
Managing Director Executive Director Shunsuke Kodama
Director Executive Director Shigeki Moriyama
Director Executive Director Seiji Nishioka
Director Masaki Imai Director of the Board, Executive Vice President, COO EMEA(Europe, Middle East and Africa), General Manager of Internal Governance Office, JVC KENWOOD Corporation
Director Keiichiro Shimada Executive Chief Engineer, Sony Corporation
Director Hideyuki Tsukuda Senior Vice President, SoftBank Corp.  
Director Takashi Toyama Managing Executive Officer, Representative in Tokyo in charge of Government and External Relations Director, Government and External Relations Division in charge of Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Business Promotion
Director Takashi Nishimura Executive Officer, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Director Haruki Mino Vice President, Chief Information Officer(CIO),and Representative of Internet of Things Chief Information Security Officer(CISO),TEPCO Power Grid Inc.
Auditor Kensuke Ohnuma Director, Executive Officer, Executive Corporate Headquarters, Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
Auditor Kato Mitsumasa Executive Officer, General Manager Engineering Development Division, PIONEER CORPORATION
Auditor Kenji Noshi Board Director, WOWOW INC.

2, Members of the Management Adviser (As of July 1, 2019)

Name Position within affiliated company
Kenji Ara Representative Director, President, Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
Ryoichi Ueda President, Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Shoichiro Eguchi Representative Director of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer(CEO),JVC KENWOOD Corporation
Nobuhiro Endo Chairman of the Board, NEC Corporation
Yoshio Okubo Representative Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Operating Officer, Nippon Television Network Corporation
Yoshinori Kaneko President, TEPCO Power Grid Inc.
Hideichi Kawasaki Chairman of the Board, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Osamu Kurosaka President, TOKYO FM BROADCASTING CO., LTD.
Kaichiro Sakuma Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.
Masaki Sakuyama Chairman, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Akira Tanaka President, WOWOW INC.
Takashi Tanaka Chairman, KDDI CORPORATION
Satoshi Tsunakawa Representative Executive Officer, President and Chief Operating Officer, TOSHIBA CORPORATION
Shusaku Nagae Director, Chairman of the Board, Panasonic Corporation
Katsuaki Nomura Executive Vice President, Member of the Board, Chief Operating Officer, Sharp Corporation
Toshiaki Higashihara President & CEO, Hitachi, Ltd.
Ken Miyauchi President & CEO, SoftBank Corp.
Koichi Moriya President and CEO, PIONEER CORPORATION
Kazuhiro Yoshizawa President and Chief Executive Officer, NTT DOCOMO, INC.
Kenichiro Yosida Director, President and CEO, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Sony Corporation
Sangdon Lee Representative Director, Motorola Solutions Japan Ltd.