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GUIDE to ARIB Standards and ARIB Technical Reports
    This page provides accesses to the lists of ARIB Standards or ARIB Technical Reports approved by the ARIB Standard Assembly.
Please read and agree to the following notes and proceed to the lists from the categorization at the bottom of this page.  
 1. Access to General Descriptions
  - Click on the STD or TR number with underline of a Standard or a Technical Report in the list and then General Descriptions of its contents will be shown.
 2. Access to Electronic Files
Click on one of buttons, you can access an electronic file of each Standard or Technical Report.
    Introduction and Contents list PDF file will open. You can view and save the PDF file.

    ARIB Web Store site will open.
In ARIB Web Store , you can buy PDF file by download. (Service for a non-member)

    You can view PDF file.(Service for a member)
note:PDF file is protected , you can not open the file saved in your PC.

    You can download PDF file. (Service for a member)

    You can download PDF file of the English version free of charge.
 3. How to buy printed book
  - A printed book of each of the most Standards and Technical Reports can be purchased at a cost.
  - Please proceed to the Order form page to get an order form.
 4. Notes on English Translation versions
  - The indication "English Translation" in the lists shows that it was translated into English from its original Standard or Technical Report.
  - The original Standard or Technical Report shall prevail if there is any discrepancy in the content, expression, etc., between the original and its translated version.
  - The translated version in the list might not be the translation of the latest version of the Standard or Technical Report.
 5. Notes on Copyright
  - The copyright of any electronic file which can be downloaded from this site belongs to the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB).
  - No part of any ARIB Standard or ARIB Technical Report and its translated version can be published, translated, or reposted on other websites without prior written permission of ARIB.
 6. Disclaimer
  - ARIB assumes no responsibility whatsoever for how the information in this website is used.
    Please refer to "Copyright , Disclaimer, Links, etc." for the details on copyright, liability, etc.

 7. Contact us (about ARIB Standards or ARIB Technical Reports)
  - Secretariat of Standard Assembly Meeting ""
    Please replace "_at_" to "@".
List of ARIB Standards and Technical Reports

ARIB Standard / Telecommunications


ARIB Standard / Broadcasting


Technical Report / Telecommunications


Technical Report / Broadcasting


Technical Report / General